Four effective ways to manage anxiety: part one

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. (That said Zen)


“… let go of something every day …” How many people would like to be able to let go of is the anxiety that attacks them, to let go … but the sufferer knows how difficult it is.

When you get sick you have a lot of anxiety symptoms, and since today anxiety disorders are very common, even if you’re not a psychologist you realize that it is anxiety.

In fact, tachycardia, sweating, tremor, blurred vision, lump in the throat, shortness of breath, etc … are symptoms that give now to all the possibility of self-diagnose this kind of disorder.

The treatment of anxiety disorders, however, does not take into account only this physical symptoms, it would be simplistic to speak only on this type of signals.

And I’m not saying that no account is taken of these symptoms, in fact, they are definitely marked at the time of the diagnostic interview because they are the ones that refers the patient, but there’s more …

The truth is that there are not only physical symptoms or just psychological symptoms, rather there is a total body sick.

The methodology of the Functional Psychotherapy, I use in my work, look just this type of complexity of the human organism.

Have you ever wondered why anxiety disorders are so prevalent?

First of all there is to say something that might surprise you, and that is that the anxiety (and noise) is a natural emotion and universal;

It is a mechanism that belongs to mankind response to stress and serves to “anticipate” the perception of a danger even before they occur.

Therefore, it is an answer that, in its natural state, is functional, we need.

This is why all of us have tried and try anxiety, which is why we understand the mood of those who experience it.

This type of anxiety that protects you from external threats and simultaneously prepares you for action, makes you able to cope with life’s challenges and adapt to the environment.

Normal levels of anxiety are useful to activate you, to prepare you for example to give an exam or arguing with your boss, allowing you to focus your concentration on what you’re doing;

but also simply if you realize you’re about to miss the train, a slight anxiety level allows you to pick up the pace and do not get distracted by other along the path that takes you to the station!

Anxiety disorders however, is a transformation in the negative of this natural response from what was adaptive becomes excessive, unrealistic and therefore dysfunctional.

At this point, instead of favoring the individual’s adaptation to the environment causes the contrary mismatch you probably well know!

Returning to our example, therefore, excessive levels of anxiety may make you get confused examination, or you have gastrointestinal disorders;

in the second example could take a wrong turn or to run too much risk of having an accident, then by adopting a dangerous behavior for yourself and for others.

In the next article you will understand better what differentiates a level of deep Operations, an organism that is fine by someone who suffers from anxiety.

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